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Develop Securely​ without compromise.

Application Security need not slow down your development.​ Learn how Amplify Security can help you develop secure software confidently​
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Discover Simplicity in Vulnerability Management

We get it, Application Security programs aren't effective if they aren't reducing software risks over time. Experience Amplify Security’s platform design which focuses on the bottom line – preventing and fixing security risks as you develop and grow your business​
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0 to 60 Security Tooling​

Deploy security tools and controls rapidly in stages without disrupting development cycles​

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Actionable Security​

Leave no room for uncertainty in your security issues. Prioritize risks with clear remediation steps​

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Autonomous Diligence

Simplify vulnerability management operations with Amplify’s autonomous agents focused on shipping security fixes out the door​

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1–Click Remediations​

Go beyond security prescriptions and provide deployment ready fixes for developers on development platforms they already work with​


Autonomous Vulnerability Lifecycle​

Traditional software security frameworks, such as SDL, SAMM, and SDF, align development and security teams but are often challenging to implement

Amplify Security's AI simplifies this by automating complex tasks and providing key insights, speeding up the resolution of security issues.

Secure Your Software without Compromise

Businesses shouldn't have to choose between meeting growth demands or ​providing a secure experience their clients. ​

When security tools are implemented without ​a vulnerability management plan, ​it slows down developers.

With Amplify Security, start making secure ​ software an essential part of delivering customer ​delight.

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Get Security Fixes on your next pull request

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Ship Effective Security Fixes with 1-Click

See What Experts Are Saying

Amplify Security is getting recognized by the best in the industry

Jeremiah Grossman

Founder | Investor | Advisor

By far the biggest and most important problem in AppSec today is vulnerability remediation. Amplify Security’s technology automatically fixes vulnerable code for developers at scale is the solution we’ve been waiting decades for.

Saeed Abu-Nimeh, Founder @ SecLytics

Saeed Abu-Nimeh

CEO and Founder @ SecLytics
As a security company we need to be secure, Amplify helped us achieve that without slowing down our developers

Kathy Wang

CISO | Investor | Advisor
Amplify is working on making it easier to empower developers to fix security issues, that is a problem worth working on.
Alex Lanstein

Alex Lanstein

Chief Evangelist @ StrikeReady

If you want all your developers to be secure, then you need to secure the code for them. That's why I believe in Amplify's mission

Empower your Developers:​Secure Code, Rapid Delivery