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Explore Common Inquiries: Understanding Vulnerability Management and Navigating the Amplify Platform

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Vulnerability Management

1 What is vulnerability management, and why is it important?

Vulnerability management is a systematic approach to managing security risks in software and systems by prioritizing risks, defining clear paths to remediation, and ultimately preventing and reducing software risks over time.

2 Why is vulnerability management important?

Without a sound vulnerability management program, organizations often face a backlog of undifferentiated security alerts, leading to inefficient use of resources and oversight of critical software risks.

3 What makes vulnerability management extremely challenging in today’s high-growth environment?

Vulnerability management faces challenges from the complexity and dynamism of software environments, often leading to an overwhelming number of security findings, rapid technological advancements, and limited resources to thoroughly explore appropriate solutions.

Amplify Platform

1 How can Amplify help me with vulnerability management?

Amplify automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks in vulnerability management, such as risk prioritization, context enrichment, and providing remediations for security findings from static (SAST) application security tools.

2 What technology does the Amplify platform integrate with?

Amplify integrates with hosted code repositories such as GitHub or GitLab, as well as various security tools.

3 What data does the Amplify platform require to function?

Amplify requires varying levels of code access to deliver different types of value to users. Basic usage of Amplify starts with read-only access to security reports and partial code snippets and extends to opt-in features that analyze entire code files.