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Fast Track your Application Security & Code Fixes with AI

Elevate your software's safety effortlessly! Say goodbye to high cost and complexities of traditional vulnerability management. Discover how our AI-driven tools streamline your software's security lifecycle from detection to resolution.

Book your demo today and secure your code smarter, not harder!

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AI-Driven Vulnerability Management: ​ Simplicity Meets Efficiency

Central to the Amplify Security platform is a rich legacy of professional expertise and deep understanding of effective software vulnerability management, now Amplified by the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models (LLM).
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Autonomously Driven Vulnerability Lifecycle

Automating tasks like validating security threats against your unique codebase saves you time and lets your team focus on innovation instead of repetitive security checks

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Seamless Transition from Detection to Remediation

Amplify Security bridges the gap between application security detection and software development by integrating with security and developer tools, ensuring a continuous loop of security issue resolutions and software risk reduction

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Accelerated Security Decisions with AI Insights

At the heart of Amplify is its ability to provide AI-driven insights for quicker, more informed security decisions. The platform's intelligent agents analyze security alerts, prioritize them based on real-world impact, and suggest actionable fixes.


Experience The Future of Secure Software

Through a combination of intelligent autonomous agent and multi dimensional graph relationship of both security and software attributes, the Amplify Security platform is able to adapt to your existing software practices and drive software security resolutions so you can rest easy.

2– Step Onboarding​

Get started with Amplify in just two simple steps, using your existing GitHub or GitLab accounts. There's no need for extra user management or additional credentials – it's that easy!

Authorize the App​

Authorize the Amplify Application on either your github or gitlab accounts and we’ll do the rest!​


Select Repositories to Protect​

Start with one, or as many repositories you’d like to start receiving security fixes on your code platform and roll out the rest at your own time​.